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Hit Records Deconstructed - 170+ Pack Bundle (Free Updates For Life) | Loops + One Shots + MIDI + FLP

Hit Records Deconstructed - 170+ Pack Bundle (Free Updates For Life) | Loops + One Shots + MIDI + FLP

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Get The Exact Sounds Used In 170+ Famous Hits!

🎧 Producers and Beatmakers: Have you ever wanted the same sounds and presets from your favorite songs to use in your music?

Dream no more as we have deconstructed over 170 famous hits into Loops + One Shots + MIDI + FLP packs so you can produce on the level of the greatest producers!

This bundle contains every hit record deconstructed pack used in Kartier's videos, including 7+ GB of samples, presets, and more! Never worry about sound selection, chord progressions, or drums again!

🕒Instant delivery on purchase🕒

✅Beginner friendly! Bundle includes tutorials on how to use the files.

🔊DEMO - Created exclusively with the samples in this bundle

Product Testimony:

@prodscxrface - 24k Followers on TikTok

What You Get:

900+ Melody + Drum Loops (BPM Labelled) - $150 Value
800+ Synth + Instrument One Shots (Note Labelled) - $210 Value
500+ Drum One Shots - $140 Value
600+ Melody/Drum MIDI Files - $80 Value
100+ Serum + Vital + Other Preset Files - $100 Value
100+  FL Studio Project Files - $250 Value
45+ Full Instrumental Remakes
💽 BONUS: Kartier - "Timeless" Kit + Kartier - "Real Twizzy" Pack - $70 Value
BONUS: Permanent VIP On Our 2K+ Member Producer Discord - $12/Month Value
🌟 Lifetime Access To All New Packs!



@illmadebeats on TikTok - Producer & Beat Maker

@yn0 on TikTok - Producer & Beat Maker


Creator of this bundle:
DJ Kartier has been producing music for 5+ years and built his reputation showing viewers how popular songs were made with accuracy.


All synth/drum one shots are royalty free. Any chord progression MIDI and drum MIDI files are royalty free as well. Regarding the loops and full instrumental only the master recording rights are royalty free. Composition rights belong to the original artist and publisher. Royalties for this portion of the sample can be paid through their respective publishing entity.

All credit goes to the original producers of the songs for producing the original instrumentals. 


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